37 Four-Bedroom Modern-Style House Plans

Check out our collection of 4-bedroom modern-style houses and floor plans below.

A modern 4-bedroom home gives families comfort and flexibility as their lives grow and change. 

Why consider a 4-bedroom modern-style house? I raised a family in a 3-bedroom home, and often had a recurring dream of finding a hidden fourth bedroom! Think of all the options it offers: 

  • You can sleep a couple in the primary bedroom, two children can have their own bedroom and there’s still an office for working at home.
  • A couple could each have their own office, with a guest room ready any time.
  • If three or four kids come along, the open floor plans offered by modern homes probably give room for an office nook in the living or dining area, and bedrooms are freed up for kids.

What Makes a 4-Bedroom Home Modern?

Modern architecture developed in the mid-20th century with a movement toward homes that connected people to nature with big, uncovered windows, simple design that focused on function over decoration, and open living areas that allowed families to be together.

Decades later, these modern features have stood the test of time, but many different modern styles have developed. Check out the following examples of four different styles:

1. Mid-Century Modern 4-Bedroom House Plans

These houses were first built in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The sleek designs, flat rooves, split levels, and big windows that were so cutting edge back then now have a nostalgic vintage look that makes us think of old TV shows! The style is popular again, and there are even more innovative materials available to pull it off.

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Check out these examples of mid-century modern 4-bedroom house plans:

2. Modern Farmhouse 4-Bedroom House Plans

Farmhouses are practical and roomy, with big kitchens. Modern farmhouse elevates the aesthetic, adding modern materials like stainless steel, granite, and contemporary lighting. It still has the same pitched rooves, dormers, and big front porches, but lines are cleaner and colors are often neutral. 

Here are a few modern farmhouse floor plans:

3. Modern Cottage 4-Bedroom House Plan

Cottage-style homes are known for comfort and coziness. Traditionally they have smaller rooms, with natural building materials like wood, stone, and brick. Modern cottages might have a sleeker design and cleaner lines. Often their floor plans are open, with no formal dining room. 

This is an example of a modern cottage floor plan:

Single story, open concept modern cottage

4. Modern Mountain 4-Bedroom House Plans

Mountain-style homes are often made of warm-colored wood and stone. The exterior style tapers down, so they are broader at their base, which makes them look settled into the landscape. They’re designed to fit in with the nature around them, so they’re rustic and asymmetrical. 

The two modern mountain floor plans below show how modern mountain styles are more flexible with choices of materials. Design is squared off rather than tapered, but they still blend well with the landscape.

Two-story mountain home with ground floor primary suite

Single-story modern mountain home